As a National Hi-tech Enterprise, Hybio owns a R&D team of 240 people and a postdoctoral center, consists of leading talents in domestic industry and high-level returnees. More than 30% of employees are researchers studying polypeptide drugs.


Moreover, Hybio R&D center also serves as the State & Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Peptide Drug, Guangdong Engineering R&D Center of Peptide Drug, and the National High-tech Demonstration Project Base for Innovative Peptide Drug Industrialization, which proves that Hybio owns the top labs for the synthesis, purification, lyophilization, quality research, formulation study and pilot production of polypeptide drugs.


Apart from this, Hybio has already built the complementary relationship with more than 20 academic institutions around the world and formed the professional advantage in the development and independent innovation of peptide drugs.


As of June 30, 2021, patents acquired by Hybio Team:

  • Domestic granted: totally 347 patents, including 240 for Hybio HQ (234 for invention); 5 for Hybio Wuhan; 102 for Hybio Changee.
  • Overseas granted: totally 24 patents for invention, including 10 patents in US, 9 patents in EU; 1 EAPO patent; 1 patent in Japan; 1 patent in South Africa and 1 patent in India.
  • PCT: 96 patents.