Customized peptides

Based on the peptide expertise, know-how and our R&D platform, we offer customized peptides of different complexity by both solid phase and liquid phase synthesis process to meet various demands of our global customers.


· Hybio offers customized peptides covering therapeutic peptide (isomer and degradation impurity sequence study, etc), cosmetic peptide and modified peptide, with the purity up to 99% and the peptide sequence up to 150 AAs. Besides, we provide synthesis peptide library to assist our customers with their work on macromolecular structure study, molecular identification, diagnostic reagent & drug design.


· Hybio developed key technologies include N/C terminal modification, PEG modification, fluorescence labeling (FITC, FAM, TAMRA, CY3, etc) and biotin labeling, as well as advantages on multiple antigenic peptides (MAP) and cyclic peptides (with intramolecular or intermolecular disulfide / selenium bond, or stapled peptides), etc.


· Hybio R&D team of customized peptide has accumulated abundant experience by providing hundreds of thousands of polypeptide products, with our leading facilities and equipment for peptide R&D and pilot production and growing comprehensive strength.


Customer satisfaction and recognition are always the driving force of our continuous progress. You are welcome to contact us at, for any inquiry on your specific peptide.