Hybio offers full peptide CRO services throughout the peptide drug development process for your IND, NDA & ANDA projects, with our highly skilled and trained R&D team, state of the art facilities and good track records.


Our typical CRO services cover process development, preparation and characterization of in-house standards, impurity study, isolation and identification for known and unknown impurities, analytical method development & validation, stability study, DMF and regulatory support, etc.


Hybio has accumulated rich experience on peptide R&D technology, manufacturing and quality regulatory, and became one of the top peptide drug research and manufacture companies in China, by providing the most complete peptide product portfolio.


We have built a comprehensive platform for CDMO services, which includes peptide API synthesis and purification process development, finish dosage form development, reference standard preparation and qualification, impurity and product quality study and analysis, GMP system meeting EU and FDA standard, international and Chinese regulatory and dossier support, etc. We provide safe and efficient guidance for complex peptide drugs from development to commercial production.


You are welcome to contact us for any inquiry at, or by calling +86-755-26588093.