Hybio Group

Founded in 1998, with registered capital RMB 400 million, headquarter located in Shenzhen High-Tech Park, Hybio is a leading peptides company in China specializing in the development, manufacture and commercialization of therapeutic peptides API and peptide-based drugs.


With over 20 years’ experience, Hybio offers a full range of synthetic peptide products and services, as well as CRO and CDMO for research, clinical development and commercial application for pharmaceutical companies worldwide. The main products have been applied to treat the digestive diseases, cardio-cerebro-vascular diseases, diabetes, infectious disease, cancer, and senile diseases, etc.


In 2011, Hybio was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market (stock code 300199), and became the first listed enterprise of manufacturing peptide drugs in China.


Throughout the great efforts of Hybio People in 2 decades, Hybio Group has developed a multi-business structure and established a strong network of 2 subsidiaries and 4 branch companies involving multi-business scopes.


Headquarter Shenzhen Nanshan has passed EU AEMPS, US FDA, Korea and China Authority inspections. Its peptide APIs have been exported over 10 years to different countries.  

Branch Companies:

  • Shenzhen Pingshan Branch built for FDF Production has passed international Authorities inspections such as EU, Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia etc.
  • Shenzhen Guanlan Branch has been completed in 2021 and will be used as Innovation Industrial Base in future.
  • Hybio Pharmaceutical (HK) Limited branch was set up for international trades handling.


Subsidiary Companies:

  • Hybio (Wuhan) site was put into use in second half of 2018 is built for API, OSD and Biopharma manufacturing.
  • Changee Bio-pharmaceutical Co., Ltd wholly acquired in 2015 by Hybio specializing in Medical Devices development and manufacturing, as well as some regular drugs production.

Hybio Biotechnology (Dali) Co., Ltd was established in June 14, 2019 as an industrial hemp deep processing

base with total investment over 74 million US dollars. 

Up to date, Hybio owns the top labs for the synthesis, purification, lyophilization, quality research, formulation study and pilot production of polypeptide drugs. Special instruments and equipment imported from US, German, and Switzerland etc., including the automatic peptide synthesis system, the rapid microwave peptide synthesis system, the large capacity purification system, the laser analytical secondary mass spectrometry, ESI-MS, the large capacity lyophilizer, UPLC, the gas chromatography, the ion chromatography, and moisture meter, have been equipped.


As a National Hi-tech Enterprise, Hybio owns a R&D team of 240 people and a postdoctoral center, consists of leading talents in domestic industry and high-level returnees. More than 30% of employees are researchers studying polypeptide drugs. Hybio has already built the complementary relationship with more than 20 academic institutions around the world and formed the professional advantage in the development and independent innovation of peptide drugs. With the continuous input on technical development and quality establishment, Hybio accomplishes 25 approval certificates for peptide finished formulations, 9 new drug certificates, 23 clinical approvals and multiple international GMP inspections (FDA/EU/ANVISA…).


To provide customers products and services to the greatest extent, Hybio has built a strong network coverage of sales & marketing over China mainland, and has fought over 15 years’ efforts in global market development (mainly in USA, EU, Latin America, Asia, and Africa markets). More than 5 products take over China markets and stand at the top of the supply list and won domestic China Top Ten Blockbusters of New Prescription Medicine” in PHARMCHINA, more than 15 products are ready with DMF, EUASMF, and WC certificates to support clients worldwide.


In 2020, Hybio Group re-defined the corporate culture to boost the development of a new phase.

Hybio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd--Headquarters

Hybio Pharmaceutical (Wuhan) Ltd

API, OSD, Biopharma Site


Hybio Pharmaceutical Shenzhen Pingshan Branch

FDF Production Site

Hybio Pharmaceutical (HK) Limited

International Trades Handling

Hybio Pharmaceutical Shenzhen Guanlan Branch

Innovation Industrial Base

Changee Bio-pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Medical Devices Site

Hybio Pharmaceutical Dali Branch

Industrial Hemp